Siding 101: When is the Right Time to Replace Your Siding?

If it’s been awhile since your home’s last siding installation, it may be time to replace your exterior siding. But how do you when it’s the right time? U.S. Exterior by Seidel, a well-established siding company in Buffalo Grove, answers this question for you.

Mold growth

Everyone is aware of the health risks mold poses. Mold can and will grow anywhere there’s moisture, including your home’s siding. Along with health problems ranging from allergic reactions to serious neurological ailments, mold is an unsightly blemish that your home can do without. If you suspect that your siding has mold, contact our experienced exterior siding contractors right away.

Weather damage

Chicago weather offers a bit of everything: some good and some bad, and much of which will gradually wear down your home’s siding. Snow, ice, rain, and hail can chip, dent, and crack your siding, and when enough years have passed your siding’s ability to provide an effective weather barrier will diminish. At some point, cold drafts in winter, hot air in the summer, and rain year-round will elevate your heating/cooling bills and render your home more susceptible to mold, mildew, and the like. If your siding is in the latter stages of “weather fatigue” and siding repair is no longer enough, the time is right to replace your siding.

Extensive rot

Combine considerable age and years of varying weather, and the result is extensive rot. If upon inspection you detect signs of your siding crumbling and rotting, don’t hesitate to contact our siding professionals and commission a free quote for new siding. Rot, especially extensive rot, expedites the onset of any number of problems: compromised in-home heating/cooling, mold and mildew, structural damage, etc. Rot begins beneath the siding and wears away from the inside-out. It’s best to catch rot in its early stages, rather than when it has visibly spread across your home’s exterior.

Faded/outdated color

Rot, weather damage, and mold are all products of Father Time, and so too is the fading and discoloring of your home’s siding. This occurs when the siding’s exterior coat and waterproofing layer have been stripped by the passing of years, leaving the undersurface at the mercy of the sun, rain, and wind. When your siding clearly doesn’t resemble the color or texture you recall it being when first installed, we recommend contacting a siding specialist for a quote.

Rising utility bills

Perhaps you’ve inspected your siding and found no outward signs of a problem – yet your heating and cooling bills are steadily rising. It’s time to take your investigative skills indoors and check for drafts around walls, windows, electrical outlets, and switches. If drafts are prevalent in one or more of these areas, your siding is compromised. Our team will locate the source(s) of air penetration, and even better, we’ll replace your siding and help reduce your utility costs.

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