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The Evolution of Vinyl Siding

As the most popular exterior siding option in the United States today, vinyl siding has a history that stretches back several decades when it was introduced as an option to replace aluminum siding.

Today’s vinyl siding is much more advanced than the siding that was used in the middle of the 20th century, and it’s fascinating […]

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US Exterior by Seidel Receives 2014 Best of Buffalo Grove Award

Each year, the Buffalo Grove Award Program selects companies from the community that have created a positive image for small businesses by providing superior services to customers.
US Exterior by Seidel has received the 2014 Best of Buffalo Grove Award for achievement in the Siding Category.
Showcasing a commitment to quality over quantity, local businesses are graded […]

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All About Roofing Accessories: Fixing & Replacement

You’ll spend a fair amount of time researching your new roof, and one of the biggest decisions you’ll make is the main material you’ll buy for the project. Will you use the natural beauty of cedar shake shingles or will you try the originality of artificial slate? Perhaps you’ll stick with classic asphalt shingles.
Attic Ventilation […]

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Ice Dam Prevention, Removal, and Solutions

Staying ahead of the weather is important when winter brings ice, snow, wind, and ice dams – which are slabs of ice and heavy icicles that hang off the side of your roof – and can spell trouble for your home. Although these displays of frozen water may look neat, they're actually something that can damage your home, so it's important to get rid of them swiftly.

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Vinyl Siding Guide for Your Home

Originally introduced in the 1950s as a substitute for metal siding, vinyl siding has undergone significant upgrades in the past several decades. Although vinyl siding initially caught on because of its affordability, it wasn't until a few decades after it was introduced that it became the long-lasting, sturdy material used on today's homes.

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Home Improvement Tips for Saving Energy This Winter

In recent years, wild winter weather and unseasonably warm summer temperatures have boosted the electricity bills of families all over the nation. Using fans in the summer and blankets in the winter is one way to save on electricity, but you might be paying too much for your utilities because of inefficiencies in your home.

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