U.S. Exterior by Seidel’s 14 Year No Leak Guarantee on Exterior Remodeling Workmanship in Buffalo Grove, IL.

We Guarantee That We Will Get It Right!

quality-badge-2At U.S. Exterior by Seidel, we believe you deserve the absolute best services for your money – this is why we guarantee them for 14 years!

Most remodeling and home improvement companies would NEVER guarantee their work for more than one year (the minimum allowed by  law). Why? Because they just aren’t confident in their services to guarantee this in writing beyond one year. NOT U.S. Exterior by Seidel!

14 Year No Leak Guarantee Details

These guidelines will outline the requirements of the guarantee for each of our exterior remodeling services. Plus, they will keep your home’s exterior as well as interior in ideal condition.


Our guarantee covers leaking with our roofing installation only and requires 6 feet of ice and water shield (required in Illinois) along the gutter line, valley, and rake and the ice and water shield to be either:

  1. Wrapped onto fascia board ORU.S. Exterior by Seidel 14 Year No Leak Guarantee
  2. Gutter brackets and gutter apron are removed with ice and water shield to be wrapped into gutter.

New gutter apron and brackets will be installed. Ice and water shield will be installed 3′ on rake edge and under drip edge. Vaulted ceilings and flat roofs are not applicable to this warranty.

Please remember that your attic’s ventilation is critical to the life of your exterior.

Soffit Systems

The No-Leak Guarantee is in conjunction with the roof installation. The soffit system must have proper ventilation in conjunction with roofing ventilation. There must be proper NVFA (Net Free Vent Area). Insulation cannot be covered over the eaves of the home. Relative humidity must not be over 40% in an upstairs bedroom.


The Guarantee covers leaking with our siding installation only. We install all of our siding to James Hardie best practice’s installation guide as well as the Vinyl Siding Institute’s installation guide.


The 14 Year No-Leak Guarantee covers our installation only. Failure of gutter sealer can break down over time and is not guaranteed. If the gutters are clogged due to poor maintenance, dripping from ice buildup, or overflowing from torrential rain, the guarantee is not applicable.


The guarantee covers air or water leaks from around the perimeter of the window only. The window manufacturer has their own warranty on the window itself.

If there is a claim of a leak, there is a $125 inspection fee. This fee is waived if the issue is due to a problem with a component of our installation. Any act of God is not covered by our guarantee. The guarantee covers materials and labor only in order to make the necessary repairs and does not cover any interior repairs.

Any future kitchen or bathroom remodeling does not fall under our guarantee. Please make sure all ventilation is done correctly.

Any work that has been altered by anyone other than U.S. Exterior by Seidel will be void. Warranty is not transferable. Photo documentation will be taken of all critical areas of work.

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